May 30, 2016

The Cassandra Prophecies: Do We Really Want To Know? (Data Analytics: Should We Be Saying ‘Thank You’, or ‘I Don’t Like You’ (Part 2.2))

The Cassandra Prophecies: Do We Really Want To Know?  (Data Analytics: Should We Be Saying ‘Thank You’, or ‘I Don’t Like You’ (Part 2.2)) with Dima Protchenko, a software and data engineer, Healthentic, is back as a repeat offender as we’ll be talking TECH and Big Data, specifically, Data Analytics.Topics we’ll be covering in Part 2.2 include:

  • Dima and I theorize about math and why students aren't embracing it like they should.  Maybe how math was taught in the "good old days" is still a good way. Hello, where's my abacus?
  • Apple is a fan of the P2s of our podcasts (Yeah!) But, then I have to ask, "Why?"
  • What's up with unreliable variables?
  • Within the next 5 to 10 years, disruptive technology will change things for everyone. Instead of fearing change, let's embrace it (maybe?)
  • Final thoughts on all our episodes and thanks to Bellevue College's Rick Otte, and Evan Tillet.
  • It should be another informative, amusing, and grand finale for a season that was all about “Talking Tech”.
Look out for our alumni reunion with Jonny, Dima, Juan, and Eden over the summer as we do Hemingway-style moveable feast of fun tech talk. Let the games begin.

Sign off, Maureen Majury

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