May 30, 2016

The Cassandra Prophecies: Do We Really Want To Know? (Data Analytics: Should We Be Saying ‘Thank You’, or ‘I Don’t Like You’ (Part 2.1))

The Cassandra Prophecies: Do We Really Want To Know?  (Data Analytics: Should We Be Saying ‘Thank You’, or ‘I Don’t Like You’ (Part 2.1)) with Dima Protchenko, a software and data engineer, Healthentic, is back as a repeat offender as we’ll be talking TECH and Big Data, specifically, Data Analytics.Topics we’ll be covering in Part 2.1 include:

  • Ethics in data analytics: How realistic are they to uphold?
  • Dima and I rate a number of data analytic predictions for 2016 by big data experts: "That's a bomb" (1), "Meh" (5), "Slam Dunk Cookie" (10)
  • How statistics may be selectively used to suit the prefered message
  • A rehash of Apple in the news
  • And, more tech talk, including my fear of clowns and how technology might someday solve that problem.
  • What are big tech companies not providing for us that they should?
  • We dissect the “Quickest Route”: a story problem involving reliable/unreliable variables and it features Sally, who has to run an errand for her mother, a bully, an angry dog, chatty neighbors and traffic lights.

It should be another informative and amusing “Let’s Talk Tech”.Look for Part 2.2 (a 2-part finale) where we talk about why math fared better in the "olden days", Apple is listening to our podcasts, answer an AI survey and more...

Sign off, Maureen Majury

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