February 21, 2016

Rise of the Machines: What Does it Mean? (Part 1)

In our first podcast, Jonny Chambers, Tech Worker, formerly from Microsoft, now working as Director of IT for the University of Washington's School of Dentistry, sits down with me to discuss Robotics.  We talk about robotics and jobs (how many jobs will go away because of automation and robotics?), the possibilities of robotics and what tech and soon-to-be tech workers/graduates need to start thinking about if they want to work with robotics.

Then we go Goofy (no not a homage to Walt Disney).  We talk about films and television, past/future, and how accurate the were in predicting current or future robotic innovations.  What can robots be used for and to do?  And, how Mark Zuckerberg's robot butler might morph into a robot butler, robot baby, and more.

All of this (the first of two episodes) focuses on Robots.  Will it be the rise of the machines, or are all of these just dreams for the mad scientist in all of us.

Talk Tech with me each week.  Sign off, Maureen Majury

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