August 20, 2018

When Construction Met Technology (P1)

We are here for a new episode of “When Construction MET Technology” in our WA Info Tech Talks series.

With David de Yarza, founder and CEO of Builderbox, which is the world’s most advanced platform for Project Management, Production Control, and Team Collaboration in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction.

We cover in part 1 of this podcast:

The convergence of construction and technology

  • The technical knowledge and skills employers are looking for as well as what these technologies used by construction professionals like telematics and building information modeling (or, BIM), sensors, auto desk Revit, and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC).

    • Just like the IT industry, the construction industry loves their acronyms.
  • Examples of major companies using technology like robotics and automation to move towards efficient, lean, and innovative ways to refresh the construction and manufacturing industries.

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