August 20, 2018

When Construction Met Technology (P2)

In part 2 of “When Construction MET Technology” David De Yarza of Builderbox and I will continue our conversation on the convergence zone of construction and technology.

We talk about:

  • Jobs in construction technology areas, including Amazon’s movement towards smart cities and Alexa (what’s she really up to?)
  • How construction technology experts are typically self-taught and what they had to learn themselves.
  • Are the degrees and certifications emerging in IoT and Telematics really preparing graduates?
  • What roles does security play in construction and smart buildings and who’s responsible for these smart building security systems?
  • Why construction is second to last of 22 industry sectors in terms of investing in technology?
  • Is a bubble coming in the housing/construction industry?
  • How viable are some projected and/or new innovations for the construction industry?
  • Is Elon Musk having a bad year? Or, what? (We’re fans!)

And, more.  Signing off!

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